Hello. Welcome to my website. I hope you like what you see. I am venturing out on my own after 27 years as photojournalist, starting in Los Angeles, then New York City and Fort Collins. One of the main attractions of working in newspapers is the variety of photography one does on a daily basis. You could be shooting a portrait for the business page one moment then and get a call from your editors telling you to rush to the mountains because a fire was spotted. Then come back into town because you have sports assignment to do. On deadline.

Over the years I have learned to adjust to changing conditions and learned to be prepared for just about anything, whether it be lighting, space issues, weather,or reluctant subjects. I feel I can do just about any type of photography so don’t be afraid to ask. I plan to continue to have fun taking photos and make it fun for my customers as well.

 I hope to update my blog with Harographs regularly to let you know what I am up to. So if you are in need of a photographer, give me a call. If not give me a call anyways and say hi. Thanks, Richard.
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